Holistic Treatments

We love holistic therapy treatments – they’re really calming and can help every part of your body, and also your mind, to fully relax.

Our clients leave our beauty salon after a treatment feeling really rested and good about themselves. Some clients say they feel like a weight has been lifted from them after one of these treatments.


At Olivias Hair & Beauty, our various massage treatments are the perfect way to realign your body, mind and soul. With the use of essential oils and techniques dating back hundreds of years.
Holistic Therapy simply refers to the treatment of the whole person. There are a host of massage treatments to choose from to help with stress, relax in pregnancy, overcome sports injury or give yourself some much needed relaxation there is a treatment for everybody.


This treatment combines a relaxing massage with the soothing and therapeutic effects of essential oils. It’s designed to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Back, scalp, neck & shoulders 45 minutes £40.00
Full body 75 minutes £50.00

Deep tissue sports massage

Our deep tissue sports massage targets areas of tension to relieve any muscular aches and pains.
It’s good for relieving stress and back pain and to increase joint mobility.
Back, scalp, neck & shoulders 45 minutes £40.00
Full body 75 minutes £60.00

Hot stone massage

This deeply relaxing massage features the use of warm volcanic stones, which allows the muscles to relax more fully. It’ a great treatment for soothing aches and pains and will really help you unwind.
Back, scalp, neck & shoulders 45 minutes £40.00
Full body 75 minutes £50.00


Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing treatment that involves the application of pressure to the feet and also to the hands. It’s based on the principle that all parts of the body are connected by energy pathways, stimulating healing.
Reflexology 60 minutes £35.00
Reflexology 6 courses (inc 1 free) £175.00

Pregnancy massage

A lovely gift for any expectant mum, this soft massage helps to relax the body and calm the mind.
It’s also a great way to boost energy levels and improve sleep quality during those precsious months of carrying your baby.
Pregnancy massage 45 minutes £40.00

Indian head massage

This is a lovely treatment for anyone suffering from stress, tension headaches, sinusitis, ear problems, insomnia, hair loss, muscular tension or fatigue. The treatment objectives and aims are to balance your body’s energy levels.
Indian head massage 45 minutes £40.00

Body scrub

This invigorating treatment uses the best range of products by Dermalogica. This invigorating treatment will smooth rough skin, remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and leave your skin feeling fresh and immaculately clean and glowing.
Body scrub 60 minutes £30.00

Hopi ear candles

We use handcrafted candles, filled with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils to gently remove blockages, relieve pressure in the head and sinuses. This is an ancient natural therapy. We combine with a scalp and pressure points massage.
Hopi ear candles 45 minutes £25.00

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